Welcome to the Arizona State Affilate Competition

Important Dates & Times


Welcome to National History Day in Arizona

Virtual State Competition  Awards

NHD AZ State Competition

Awards 2020 (First and Second Place Advance to Nationals, Third Place Serves as an Alternate)


Youth Exhibit: 1st Place:  Victory for All: The Special Olympics

Youth Paper: 1st Place: Women Warriors

Youth Individual Website: 2nd Place: Nellie Bly

                                                1st Place: Annie Easley: A Remarkable African American Women Scientist

Junior Paper

3rd Place: Darwin: The Man and His Theory

2nd Place: Maria Eva Duarte de Peron: Evita’s Legendary Place in Hispanic History

1st Place: Hitler’s Crack: Drugs on the Frontline of WWII

Senior Paper

3rd Place: Working Girls Beware! Facilitating Feminism Through Populist Jornalism

2nd Place: A Quest for Freedom: The Story of the Black Seminoles and Seminole-Negro Indian Scouts

1st Place: The Poison That Keeps Us Healthy

Best Entry on Women in History $250 Each

Junior Division: Junior Individual Exhibit: Margret Sanger: The Woman Rebel

Senior Division: Senior Individual Performance: Raising the Hemline

Junior Group Website

3rd Place: The Brick That Started It All

2nd Place: The Disability Rights Movement: A Fight for Equal Access

1st Place: The McGovern Report

Senior Group Website

3rd Place: Breaking Barriers: The Stonewall Riots

2nd Place: The Hidden Front: Breaking the Barriers of Human Endurance Through Pharmaceuticals

1st Place: The Women of WWII: Breaking Gender Norms in America


Best Entry on Suffrage $200 Each

Junior Division: Junior Individual Exhibit: Charlotte Perkins Gillman: The Yellow Wallpaper-Writing to Break Free of Gender Barriers

Senior Division: Senior Group Exhibit: Ballots for Change: Native American Suffrage in Arizona

Junior Individual Website

3rd Place: The Harlem Hellfighters: Breaking Racial Barriers in the Trenches of War

2nd Place: Justice for All

1st Place: Samuel Morse’s Telegraph: Breaking Barriers in History

Senior Individual Website

3rd Place: The Chinese Exclusion Act: America’s Forgotten Barrier

2nd Place: Breaking Barriers: Eugenics: The Era of American Horror

1st Place: Ed Roberts and The Rolling Quads: Breaki8ng Physical, Perceptual, and Systemic Barriers for Individuals with Disabilities

Teacher Awards $500

Hannah MacGregor Teacher of the Year: Brandon Vigneux

Patricia Bhering Teacher of the Year: Kelsey Hoult

Ken DeMasi Arizona Teacher Leadership Award: Shandel Roberts

Junior Group Documentary

3rd Place: Walt Disney and Werhner Von Braun: From Nazis to Newsies

2nd Place: JFK’s Assassination: America’s Barriers Broken

1st Place: A Leg to Stand On, Walking Through Barriers

Senior Group Documentary

3rd Place: Children of the Battlefields: Hitler’s 12th Panzer Division

2nd Place: Breaking the Barriers of Color: The Apollo Theater

1st Place: Polish Solidarity: Shattering Economic Barriers and Toppling Communism

Best Use of Oral History $100: Senior Individual Website:  Ed Roberts and The Rolling Quads: Breaking Physical, Perceptual, and Systemic Barriers for Individuals with Disabilities

Junior Individual Documentary

3rd Place: Har Gobind Khorana: The Man Who Spelled DNA

2nd Place: Apollo 11: Race to The Moon

1st Place: The Interstate Highway System: Breaking Geographic, Transportation, and Economic Barriers

Billy Michel Leadership Award: Saanvi Tiwary

Senior Individual Documentary

2nd Place: The Foundation of Seattle

1st Place: Seeing with a Wet Nose: Morris Frank Breaking Barriers to Freedom and Independence

Best Entry on WWI or WWII $100 Each

Junior Division: Junior Individual Website: A Pint-Sized Life Saver: The Plasma Program in WWII

Senior Division: Senior Group Website: The Hidden Front: Breaking the Barriers of Human Endurance Through Pharmaceuticals

Junior Group Exhibit

3rd Place: The Comet Line

2nd Place: Sputnik I: The Shock of the Century

1st Place: American Women’s Hospitals

Senior Group Exhibit

3rd Place: Madame CJ Walker

2nd Place: The Code Girls: Breaking Cryptographic Barriers in WWII

1st Place: Russian to Communism

Junior Group Performance

3rd Place: Hypatia: Calculating a Breakthrough for Equality

2nd Place: Victoria Woodhull and Tennessee Claflin: Revolutionary Sisters and Bewitching Brokers

1st Place: Women’s Suffrage: The Road to Equality

Best Entry on Arizona History $500: Senior Individual Exhibit: From the Bomb to the Boiler

Junior Individual Performance

2nd Place: Batting Through Barriers

1st Place: Breaking the Segregation Barrier: The Rise and Fall of Carver High

Senior Individual Performance

1st Place: Raising the Hemline

Best Use of Archives $500- Senior Individual Documentary: Seeing with a Wet Nose: Morris Frank Breaking Barriers to Independence and Freedom

Junior Individual Exhibit

3rd Place: Nellie Bly: Breakthroughs to Breaking News

2nd Place: Charlotte Perkins Gillman: The Yellow Wallpaper and Writing to Break Free of Gender Barriers

1st Place: Barbara Gittings: Breaking the Barrier of Invisibility

Leadership Legacy Award $500: Hannah Tsay

Senior Individual Exhibit

3rd Place: From the Bomb to the Boiler

2nd Place: The Silk Roads

1st Place: Popping Barriers: How the Pop Art Movement of 1960 Popped the Barriers Between High Art and Low Art

Students congratulations on making it to the state competition.  We look forward to an amazing day.  Our judges will be looking for the best Arizona has to offer to represent  us at the National Competition in June!  First and second place students in each division and category will advance to the national competition, third place will serve as an alternate.  If you have any questions about the state competition please do not hesitate to email us at strepanier@azhs.gov.  

Teachers-Congratulations on a job well done!  We look forward to seeing everyone at the NHDAZ State Competition on March 21st.  If you are interested in judging please click on the judging tab and follow the prompt! 

Welcome Judges!  Thank you for your interest in National History Day in Arizona.

We are looking for good people who love history and working with students to judge our regional and state competitions.  

Please click on the create an account link on the top menu and select Judge to register for the State Competition on Saturday March 21, 2020. Once registered you will recieve materials on the theme Conflict and Compromise in History, and once you are assigned to a specific category you will be sent an email with category specific rules to review in advance of judging. 

There will be a judge's final judge's meeting at 8:00 AM on the day of competition and judging will begin at 9AM.  There will be a light breakfast and lunch served.  The day should wrap up no later than 3 PM.  Thank you in advance for your time and support of National History Day in Arizona.



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